Phelps Legacies
Pay For Events

WE PROCURED OUR OWN PHELPS GATEWAY YALL!!!  Attending a Phelps Event or traveling with us?  As we plan events and travel that we share with others to attend, we will setup one time or payment plans that can be paid here.

Join our Community

YES - WE PROCURED OUR OWN PHELPS COMMUNITY YALL!!! Social Media like Facebook is not private, regulated, too political, and too distracting.  We want control of our content, therefore we built our own community.  We share more intimate family moments, tips on raising 5 kids, etc.  Join us by invite only!

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Sign in to the guestbook below and make a comment or contact us at  Please be respectful!  Look forward to hearing from you!

Phelps Events

This page includes Phelps planned events and festivities that we share experiences with others.  We are planning 2023 with updates coming soon.

Phelps Announcements

We share the latest news coming on with the Phelps Family from promotions, school accolades, our latest celebrations.

Phelps Media

This is where we will post updates for media we release such as Sheba's upcoming VLOG, we are looking at starting a Phelps Family Podcast, and "youtube" like private Phelps Media Channel.

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