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Queen of Sheba TV is Coming Soon!  Sheba is planning her vlog to be released soon.  Learn how Sheba runs her household and maintain a home as a wife, mother of 5, while finding time for herself.  Sheba shares tips, affirmations she share with her family, and much more...

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Meet  Phelps Legacies  20 Years Strong

"We are blessed to be a blessing to others!"


The elder child, Samaiyah is currently a technical recruiter in corporate.  Samaiyah is a graduate of Kent State University in Ohio.  Samaiyah is a ball of fire, ambitious, and determined personality.  She is known to always be up a karaoke night (even has her own mic) and known as the "game master" of the family.  Mai has recently become an avid workout enthusiast, ensuring gym time a priority in her daily regime.  She also enjoys hiking, hookah lounges, traveling and planning events. 


The Matriarch and heart of the family, Sheba is an entrepreneur currently serving as CEO and Founder of Yes Moms.  She wants all women to be C.E.E.N.!  Sheba is a graduate of Kennesaw State University in Kennesaw, GA.  Sheba is a veteran of the United States Air Force where Troy and Sheba met.  Sheba is the free spirit and adventure seeker of the family having experienced sky diving, jungle zip lining in Costa Rica, she is always up action!  Sheba mantra is "I'm gonna do my own thang", due to her quirky personality and Sheba-isms where people are quickly drawn to her energetic personality.  Sheba strengths is her light, devotion as a christian to serving God.  She loves caring for her family, traveling, girl trips, and yoga is a new interest.     


The Patriarch of the family, Troy is a C-Level Senior executive in corporate, entrepreneur with a goal of creating 50 businesses.  Troy is an award winning veteran of the United States Air Force. Troy is typically the jokester of the family, always laughing and upbeat.  He is known for his "Blue Robe" lectures - or as the kids would call them sermon talks.  Troy strengths and hobbies are cooking, technology, basketball, running, and being active.  Legacy creation is important for Troy and helping others has been part of his life's purpose.  


Meet The Phelps Family


J'Claire, is the baby, a title she maintains, since it took 8 years before Ji'Daya was born.  Sheba and Troy decided it important she not feel like things needed to change with a newborn coming in.  Well it worked perfectly, as J'Claire is a Phoenix, constantly burning with energy, non stop motion.  J'Claire is currently in her last year of middle school as an 8th grader.  J'Claire is a former beauty pageant winner and social media influencer having made several social media pages accumulating impressive numbers of followers considering working her pages part-time.  J'Claire is sincere personality, always genuinely sharing her thoughts, always eloquent communication, and nonstop joy.  J'Claire also loves Tic Tok dancing, hanging out with friends, and watching horror movies.

Troy Jaydan

TJ, the only son among all sisters, is currently enjoying his junior year in High School.  TJ is known to be the high energy "bug" of the family.  He is constantly razzing his sisters and parents.  TJ's smile is as wild and big as the sea, surely his smiles gives other permission to do the same.  TJ is an avid gamer and lover of Anime'.  He also is known to have quite the suave personality, frequently attempting to use his charm to get what he wants.  TJ is a selfless personality, always looking to give of himself to help others, always respectful to elders in the community, and don't be surprised to see TJ stop to give his last $5 to a homeless person - that is who he is.  


Jayda, the second eldest child of the Phelps, is currently a Freshman attending private SCAD University.  Jayda is jack of all trades in the arts - a self taught make-up artist, painter, writer, and photographer.  She is known to be a one woman GLAM squad due to her unique makeup creativity.  Jayda is also a free spirit and jokester of the family - as a jokester everyone is game - earning her the moniker "Switzerland" within our family.  Jayda has a big heart, lover of nature and mother earth, sustainability of our planet is important to her.  Aside from art Jayda likes reading WattPad, watching anime, and skating. 


Freda, the youngest pup, not even a year old at this point.  Freda is known to have an energetic personality with a regal nature to her stance.  Freda is a Xolu, a mexican bred dog made popular by the singer of the same name - Freda'.  Xolu's are also known as dogs whom take souls to the other side.  Freda loves playing, biting, running and jumping.


JoJo is the elder states-pup of the Phelps family.  JoJo is up in age at this point but have been with the family for half of our time together.  JoJo has a generally laid back demeanor as she has aged, choosing to take frequent naps in a soft place.


Ji'Daya, the youngest of the Phelps clan, is the "real baby" as her mom calls her.  Ji'Daya is life personified, you can tell she grew up with 4 older siblings who all pour love into her.  She is mature beyond her years, intelligent, and very aware of herself and people around her.  Ji'Daya is currently attending a private kindergarden school where she is known to be a star of the school - winning the hearts and hugs of the staff.  Ji'Daya love technology, having expertly learned how to use iphones/ipads before turning 3 years of age.  Ji'Daya is known as one of the "pickers" in the family, not wasting a moment to tease her siblings.  No need to mention Ji'Daya runs the house as the youngest child and sibling, what Daya wants, Daya gets.  Interesting fact is Ji'Daya is a covid baby having been born during the pandemic.  Ji'Daya loves tinkering with her phone, watching YouTubes and games.  She also likes puzzles.   

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